What does it mean to support local?

What does it mean to support local?

Caring about your local community – the Reddish Locality Grant

Just before Christmas 2021 Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet learned that Stockport Council was looking to help support businesses recovering from the pandemic in areas of the borough.

“The last few years have been really tough for everyone, whatever their age or social status.  The charities, the community groups and the business owners big and small, the impact on our communities has been huge!”, said Claire Vincent, Marketing Manager at Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet.

Prior to the pandemic the management team at the mill wanted the mill to not only be the glorious landmark that the large red brick mill with it’s copper dome is on the Reddish skyline but also wanted to give back something to the local community that it has stood in and operated in for so many years.

So, the bid to Stockport Council was submitted and subsequently was won!

The team at Broadstone Mill Shop have partnered successfully with the team at the Heaton’s Post who already have a proven and successful track record of delivering similar events in the Heaton’s and are growing their network and connections in Reddish too.  Both teams working together are in the process of planning and delivering many projects in 2022 that will help support the business community as well as the community of residents in Reddish.


What are some of the things you can you expect to see:

  • Support local/shop local campaign just for Reddish

Businesses special discounts/offers, you’ll see campaign posters & window stickers in your favourite shops, gyms, and restaurants.  There’ll be adverts in local media, online and you’ll spot the large billboards too.

  • Reddish Easter Trail – local businesses will decorate their windows all things Easter follow the map, complete the trail enjoy this family activity
  • Worker Bee Market PLUS Family Funday on Sat 28th May

You can join in the fun in the grounds of Broadstone Mill where the artisan market will be bigger than normal, there will be activities for the kids, food & drink, entertainment and a charity raffle too.

  • Reddish Animal Trail … think the Stockport Frogs but beware of the scarier animals!
  • Scan the QR code to go to the new Facebook Page


For more information or to get involved contact – Claire Vincent, Marketing Manager at Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet on marketing@broadstone-mill.co.uk

So as the One Stockport slogan for Reddish goes … “Let’s Get Reddish Roaring!”