It’s Halloween…

It’s Halloween…

Autumn is well and truly here. Summer is becoming a distant memory and has given way to crisp air, dark nights, the glow of candlelight, changing leaves – and, of course, Halloween!

This year especially, we need little things to celebrate and to make our own fun and enjoyment in our households and bubbles. Let’s face it, life is still strange and uncertain at the minute!

For this ‘different’ Halloween, we can still mark the occasion and brighten up the weekend. Here are a few ideas:

  • Play spooky games
  • Buy your usual trick or treat sweets for your household – and eat them all yourselves!
  • Bake Halloween themed cakes and biscuits
  • Dress up in your scariest/ cutest Halloween outfit
  • Kids love crafting – why not let them be creative with Halloween themes?
  • Watch scary films or a creepy series
  • Carve a pumpkin (and maybe then make some Pumpkin Soup)
  • Decorate your house inside and outside
  • Create your own Halloween cocktails/mocktails
  • Go on a spooky Halloween walk – see below
  • Buy a Halloween themed facemask – just for fun
  • Video call friends and family so they can virtually join in to0

Halloween game favourites include Apple Bobbing (beware though, this can ruin your face paint!) and the ‘Mummy game’ where you split in to pairs and against the timer take it in turns to wrap a toilet roll around each other so your partner looks like an Egyptian Mummy (with a prize for the best looking Mummy).  Pinatas filled with sweets for the children to ‘win’ this year might also be a good idea as Trick or Treat won’t be going ahead as usual. Or how about dressing up and doing a spooky walk, spotting pumpkin lanterns and decorations in windows? Then come back in out of the cold and enjoy a hot chocolate and Halloween baking by the fire in front of a film.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and stay safe !

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