Throw in some Colour

Throw in some Colour

As we near the end of dull and dark January and you can almost smell spring around the corner, now is a great time to add some colour to your home. David Heesom, our Homeware Manager gives some tips for adding some fresh new tones to your interior decor.

Nothing adds colour like strategically placed cushions. Whether solid blocks of colour which work well on floral sofas and chairs, or, brightly patterned styles for use on a plain chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and a splash of colour.

A throw, or cosy blanket adds interest when draped over the back or arm of a neutral sofa or chair (and can even camouflage an ageing sofa if you’ve not budgeted for a new one just yet). Choose a colour that also accents other pieces in the room. This practical touch also comes in handy for keeping snug when watching television or reading.

Don’t forget, one of the prettiest ways to add a pop of colour or new shade to a room is with an arrangement of fresh or artificial flowers. The greatest thing about them is that no matter what colours you choose or what colours you mix together, they will always look good.

Framing those photographs or child’s art you’ve been meaning to, or even taking a piece of your favourite wallpaper and putting it in a frame, can add a unique look and a welcome splash of colour to a room – and the cost is minimal! Tiny tester pots of paint are great for painting the frames a variety of tonal colours too.

You will find that you can add a real punch of colour by painting just one wall of your living room. This will alter the focal point of the room without signalling a major decorating project.  You can choose a bold, contrasting colour picked from a floral fabric, or a subtle tone darker than the tone of the other walls. Any change in colour will add interest!