A week of newcomers …

A week of newcomers …

We’ve had some exciting new arrivals on every department in the past week or two, as well as updated stock of our popular concessions.


If it’s a suit you’re looking for then look no further than Skopes. We have a new black commuter suit, which, as you can tell by the name, is perfect for your daily commute. It has inside pockets for your wallet, mobile and even space for your pens  as well as a little separation loop for your headphones. Another  great looking suit is our Madrid suit, available in charcoal, grey and navy.

There’s a brand new selection of Lambretta t-shirts and polo shirts, priced at only £14. As well as some very cool bomber jackets, available in black, khaki and navy, I’m sure these items will be very popular.

Brand New Concessions.

We have a new concession called Chilli. There are men’s and women’s clothing, including quilted jackets and women’s Emily jackets, all at a great price. These are located at the front of menswear and the back of womenswear.

The new concessions don’t stop there.  On our homeware department, we have a new delivery from Wham. This consists of storage boxes in a variety of sizes and colours, food boxes, water bottles and baking equipment.

We have also introduced a baby and toddler range by Baby Town. There are furry coats, ponchos and many more items of clothing for the young ones.

Special Offers.

A great offer on this department is, Musbury memory foam bath mats, priced at only £9.99. Musbury also supply, 600gsm five star hotel towels, including, guest, hand and bath. There is a range of bedding but two styles that stand out are the snowman and elf designs, which you can view on our twitter, @BroadstoneShop.

October begins tomorrow, I know, you’re wondering where the year has gone but don’t worry that means we have a new fragrance of the month.  This is Angel Wings, available in all jar sizes as well as wax melts and votives.


Special Event starting tomorrow. 20% off across the store for 2 days only – Sat 1st & Sun 2nd October.