Latest blog from the warehouse

Latest blog from the warehouse

Battle of the Blazers …

Another busy week with a lot of deliveries to add to the shop floor!

In Footwear, brand new Rieker shoes arrived, which are very popular in store. There are both mens and womens available, which always leave the warehouse very quickly as they come ready prepared for display. Speaking of displays, our shoe department has had a mini makeover, making it easier for our customers to see everything on sale and pick their perfect pair.

As always the Ladieswear Department had the majority of the deliveries and I’ve been busy most days preparing the stock for the department. New items of clothing include, Just Elegance jumpers and Autonomy coats. We also have NEW, Famous High Street Brands, available in sizes 8-24 at discounted prices.

Now for the main event, suits. Menswear usually gets overshadowed but this week its been a main contender. We have received brand new Brook Taverner blazers and new Armstrong suits. Both are really good quality and are perfect for any formal event, so if you have a wedding or a special occasion coming up, then I suggest you come and take a look at our Menswear department. Below are pictures of our new blazers.

Another reminder that its Mothers day a week on Sunday (6th March), but don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, we have every gift idea covered, including chocolates, candles, jewellery, dresses and lots of cards to choose from.


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