It’s been a busy yet very productive week in the warehouse. There have been lots of deliveries to scan and get ready for the different departments on the shopfloor.
A large delivery of Harbenware (Homeware – house essentials,) arrived, which I always enjoy as I get to see the latest products Homeware are going to be selling and what would suit my kitchen if I ever needed to purchase anything.
Other deliveries included Tigi Wear for the Ladieswear Department. This takes a lot to prepare for the shopfloor but I’ve got a good routine that is fast and effective and all 74 items were quickly ready to be put out and ready to be sold.
With Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter fast approaching, we received new Yankee Candles. There were many new fragrances including, ‘My Serenity’ and ‘Bunny Cake’ but my favourite has to be ‘Jelly Bean’ probably because it smells like sweets and I’m sure it will be a favourite with our customers aswell.
For Menswear, new Skopes suits arrived and Lambretta T-Shirts, both very popular concessions with our customers.  I recently purchased a Regatta fleece and would advise anyone to take a look at the range instore if you are in need of a new jacket or jumper to beat this cold time of year.
As I mentioned earlier, it’s nearly Valentines Day, so pop instore this week to get the perfect present for your partner.
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