New blog, New look warehouse…
As you can tell by the first part of the title, this is a brand new blog and hopefully the first of many, with the purpose to give you an insight into the day to day running of the warehouse and new stock we receive.
Firstly, its been another good and productive week in the warehouse at Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet, BMSO for short. As you’ll find out in the upcoming blogs, we have many aims, one of the most important being, to get all of our deliveries of new products onto the shop floor, efficiently as possible, ready for our customers to browse and buy. New and exciting products this week include, Bassini jumpers in a variety of colours and sizes for women and for the men we have Chums cardigans in beige and blue, all at fantastic prices.
The second part of the title, ‘new look warehouse’ will be discussed in more detail in the next blog, along with pictures, so people can gain an insight into our development of the warehouse. Also, in every blog there will be details and descriptions of new products customers can buy from all of our different departments at BMSO.
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